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Welcome to the new era of counseling

Kounsel is an innovative platform that lets people provide or seek counseling. We are committed to improving the way people can share their expertise or seek help or advice for everyday problems.

Live your life

From the Alps to Sierra, no matter where you’re working from, you’ll never have to worry about getting in touch with your clients. If you ever experience low WiFi signals, simply switch to our phone service, and our reliable platform will connect you seamlessly.

Convenient private practice

You’ll have 100% control of your private practice. You won’t be limited to a single location or have to commute to an office. Feel free to pack your bags and offer your services from anywhere you are, at whatever time is convenient for you. We’ll take care of the rest.

Your life, your rules

Kounsel is designed to match today's lifestyle. Work once a week, once a month, or every day. Configure the app to match your busy schedule, like when would you like to receive a call, appear in the search results, or who can actually connect and message you. The choice is yours.

Convenience on your fingertips

There are no subscription fees, initiation fees or matching clients with counselors. Kounsel has a wide range of counselors and you pick your own based on a rate that is comfortable for you, connect and manage what works for you.

Have questions about Kounsel?

Contact us at any time at

When you sign up for Kounsel, you immediately get access to our counselors on the platform. You can search for the type of counselor you need, find one that you like and start a session with them.
You can sign up by downloading the Kounsel app and using your email, Facebook or Google account. Signing up through social media is safe as we would never post anything in your social network. If you want to be a counselor you must create a counselor profile.
Signing up for Kounsel is free of charge.
Kounsel is an app-based platform, and counselors are available to chat through our app for android and iOS only.
We have counselors ranging from doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, dietitians, dentists, social workers, and psychologists. You name it!
Our system connects you across continents, and there will never be any international or roaming charges.
Kounsel is compatible with Android phones and iPhones.
For a counselor to join Kounsel, they must go through an interview process and have their license verified. There are no unlicensed professionals on Kounsel.
You can have an audio or video call with a counselor at the rate that is listed on their profile. Chat services are always free of charge.
After you hang up with your counselor you will automatically get charged for the time you used. Kounsel does not decide any fees. It’s up to the counselor to decide how much they will charge for their time.