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Group Counselling

Kounsel provides options for you to organize and join group counseling. From a therapy session to a legal discussion, organized your group sessions through Kounsel.

Couple Session
Cooking Class
Gym Class
Legal Discussion


Kounsel supports a maximum of 200 participants in a group session.


Add, remove, or delete a participant of view details, all in your fingertip.

Participant administration

Advance participant control is designed to get the most out of your group counseling need.


Paid or unpaid participants

Counselors can add a paid or unpaid participant in a session. On top of this, counselors will decide how much a participant will pay for the session.

Choose between flexible payment plans
Or just free

Meeting chat

The entire Kounsel messaging experience is available for group sessions along with additional flexibility to group chat.

Group chat
Private chat


Present your entire screen or an application window to share presentations or collaborate on documents in realtime.

Anywhere any device

With multiple edge locations across the globe, you will get a faster and better experience.


Password protected & Waiting rooms

A waiting room like a personal office; you do not have to worry about an unwanted guest. And no, the participants never charge just for waiting.

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In a group, counseling counselors can invite any number of participants to join them in the session. Participants will require to have an invitation from the counselor to join the meeting.
While adding a participant to the room counselor can invite the participant as a paid or free attendee. Depending on that choice, the platform will charge clients after the session.
Kounsel put absolutely no restriction on this.
Kounsel put absolutely no restriction on this. We recommend not to have more than 200 participants in a session. All 200 participants can be paid or free.
All paid participants must have a valid credit or debit card in the system. If an attendee does not have a card, there will be an option to add one before joining the session. Free participant requires no such things, and they even do not require to login to the platform to attend a group session.
This option available to the counselors only.